Connect with your Deen. 

At Shukr Tours Australia we believe that travel is important because it fundamentally transforms us. This experience of waking up to the power of your own transformation fires you up to be the change you want to see in the world. Everyone needs to take a break from their daily lives, releasing from the pulls and pushes it presents and engaging in new experiences in new places. In this way we have an easier opportunity to release from the norm. It is empowering to surround oneself with people who don’t know the pages of one’s past. The experience of travel reinforces our willingness to broaden our horizons, to get unstuck and to move in new directions. At Shukr Tours we aim to provide learning and education about places and history. We aim to connect you to other cultures and people by expanding your awareness and introducing you to greater diversity. Allowing us to be your host may help you get to know yourself better and in turn the true you is rediscovered….. Shukr Tours aims to show you more than you can remember, so you can remember more than you have seen



Package 1 - (Departs 10th April 2019)
$6,520.00 - 18 days total

  • 1 Night in Amman

  • 4 Nights in Jerusalem. Al Hashimi 3 Start Hotel with 5 star Locality

  • 4 Nights in Makkah with 5 Star hotel

  • 6 Nights in Madinah with 5 Star hotel

Package 2 - (Departs 16th April 2019)
$4,680.00 - 12 days total

  • 4 Nights at Makkah with 5 Star Hotel

  • 6 Nights at Madinah with 5 Star Hotel

Price Includes

  • Buffet breakfast and dinner at all hotel

  • Visa & taxes

  • Guided tours of historical sites in all cities

  • Ihram for Men

  • Quad share apartments or couple/trip rooms if requested

  • One Jummah in each city

  • 5 litre of Zamzam water per person

  • Flights with Etihad


Take a journey to the three holy cities and experience the Seerah like never before.


  • Ahl al Khaf

  • Nabi Yushabinoon

  • Nabi Shuaib and so much more….


  • Masjid al Qiblah (Al Aqsa)

  • Masjid al Sakhara (dome of the rock)

  • PR Suleiman Temple Ruins

  • PR Ibrahim and his family

  • Nabi Yunis

  • Church of Sepulchre (Al Maidah)

  • Stay in the old City of Aqsa

  • Masjid al Buraq

  • Bethlehem and so much more…..


  • Haram al Sharif (Kaba)

  • Birth place of the Pr PBUH

  • Significant historical places relating to Hadith

  • 2 Bus Tours

  • 1 Walking Tour


  • Masjid al Nabawi

  • Significant historical places relating to Hadith

  • 4 Bus Tours

  • 1 Walking Tour

You’ve listened to seerah.
You’ve imagined seerah.
You’ve accepted seerah.

Now come and see where it all took place and affirm your love for your prophet PBUH and your deen. Let Shukr Tours make this all come alive for you.




Planned to perfection.

“Our Hajj trip with Shukr Tours was planned to perfection. Everything was organised and seamless, from logistics, to accommodation and meals. The tours of Islamic historic sites really allowed you to connect to the sunnah and the companions. Every question was answered before it was asked. Everyone’s needs were always well looked after. I couldn’t recommend Shukr Tours enough”.

— Pilgrim

Beyond my expectation.

“By the Grace of Allah, Shukr Tours delivered beyond my expectations. The emphasis on the spirituality of the journey, together with a strong leadership team and an accessible Sheikh meant that I was never left wondering what or how I would perform the pillars of Hajj. With Allah’s permission, Waleed, Ahmad and their team have truly organised an experience that is fitting of this journey. Whether you’re selecting a provider based on accommodation location, side-trips and day-trips to ancient sites, comfort of travel, food, friendliness and above all, access to a Sheikh throughout your journey, Shukr Tours ticks all these boxes and more”.

— Mohammad Kandil

Patient and accommodating.

“My personal experience with Shukr Tours has been phenomenal.  Everything was taken care of. A very well organized and professional company who are very well versed and experienced with Hajj and Umrah. It was above and beyond any expectations. Shukr Tours have exceptional organizational skills and on time performance.  Shukr Tours made my Hajj journey as well as my mother’s Hajj an unforgettable journey with ultimate spiritual experience and everlasting memories. They were very accommodating for disabled guests/Hujaj. They also had organized sacred Islamic historical sites for us to visit which was mind blowing. The organisers are extremely patient and accommodating to your needs and will go out of their way to assist where possible. I am forever grateful to Allah swt who allowed me to make my Hajj journey with Shukr Tours. ”

— Nelley




“Labbayk, Allahumma labbayk, labbayk la sharika laka labbayk, Innal Hamda wan nimata laka wal mulk, la sharika lak.”

“I am at Your service, O Allah, I am at Your service. You have no partner. I am at Your service. Praise and blessing belong to You, and the Kingdom. You have no partner.”