A journey of a lifetime. .

At Shukr Tours Australia we believe that hajj is important because it fundamentally transforms us. This experience of waking up to the power of your own transformation fires you up to be the change you want to see in the world.

Everyone needs to take a break from their daily lives, releasing from the pulls and pushes it presents and engaging in new experiences in new places. Our Seerah focussed hajj is an opportunity to release from these norms and experience the Seerah and hajj on both a physical and spiritual level. The experience of hajj reinforces our willingness to broaden our horizons, to get unstuck and to move in new directions.

At Shukr Tours we aim to provide learning and education about places and history. We aim to connect you to other cultures and people by expanding your awareness and introducing you to greater diversity. Allowing us to be your host may help you get to know yourself better and in turn the true you is rediscovered…..

Shukr Tours aims to show you more than you can remember, so you can remember more than you have seen!



Standard Package (Departs 19th July 2019)
$12,950 Quad share- 29 days total



We land in Madinah and travel straight to our hotel (this year we are in Elaf Taiba) which is situated within 50m walk from the Haram of the blessed Prophet’s mosque, making access and visits seamless. The hotel is surrounded by a huge range of shops and restaurants. (Buffet breakfast included). Accommodation is 4 persons per room, and you have the option of booking a couples room at extra cost.


On first arrival to Makkah we will spend seven nights in a hotel with buffet breakfast included (this year we are in the Fairmont Hotel). Situated, directly a stone’s throw away from the Haram Sharif, we plan to take advantage of the dispersing and lighter crowd levels with regular visits to the Kaabah. A few days before, on the 8th of Dhull Hijja we will depart for Shesha / Aziziyyah apartments in preparation for the Hajj days. You will also have access to the apartments and their facilities during the hajj days, which is extremely handy as the apartments are in close vicinity to the Jamaraat that we visit on most of the days during the hajj component, so a refreshing shower and change of clothes is workable. Accommodation at the Makkah hotel is 4 persons per room, and you have the option of booking a couples room at extra cost.  


In Mina we will be staying in air-conditioned tents, with individual sofa beds, a sealed pack containing fresh linen, a pillow, and all hot meals and refreshments provided to you in the tent.



Planned to perfection.

“Our Hajj trip with Shukr Tours was planned to perfection. Everything was organised and seamless, from logistics, to accommodation and meals. The tours of Islamic historic sites really allowed you to connect to the sunnah and the companions. Every question was answered before it was asked. Everyone’s needs were always well looked after. I couldn’t recommend Shukr Tours enough”.

— Pilgrim

Beyond my expectation.

“By the Grace of Allah, Shukr Tours delivered beyond my expectations. The emphasis on the spirituality of the journey, together with a strong leadership team and an accessible Sheikh meant that I was never left wondering what or how I would perform the pillars of Hajj. With Allah’s permission, Waleed, Ahmad and their team have truly organised an experience that is fitting of this journey. Whether you’re selecting a provider based on accommodation location, side-trips and day-trips to ancient sites, comfort of travel, food, friendliness and above all, access to a Sheikh throughout your journey, Shukr Tours ticks all these boxes and more”.

— Mohammad Kandil

..,brought the Seerah back to life.

“I cannot even begin to describe how incredible our experience was with out tour operators, Waleed and Ahmed. They are incredible people who went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that everything ran smoothly for us all. Our Shaikh , Shaikh Omar Habbouche brought the Seerah back to life for us by taking us to the not often visited sites in Madinah such as the garden of Salman Al Farisi . I cannot recommend Shukr tours highly enough. Waleed and Ahmed are exceptional people and we have indeed formed an exceptional bond till this day after Hajj.

— Muhammad Sharif



“Labbayk, Allahumma labbayk, labbayk la sharika laka labbayk, Innal Hamda wan nimata laka wal mulk, la sharika lak.”

“I am at Your service, O Allah, I am at Your service. You have no partner. I am at Your service. Praise and blessing belong to You, and the Kingdom. You have no partner.”